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Wellness, Beauty & Mind™

Unites profound well-being with beauty. With 11 carefully selected ingredients, we support a balanced immune system, relaxation, quality beauty sleep, and enhanced focus. Visible results are a hydrated, smooth, and revitalized skin.


Hair Beautification™

Transform your hair with Health Royals dream formula: zinc, B6, biotin, and Keranat™, a unique millet oil from France. Hair Beautification™ - nature's finest, clinically proven ingredients for radiant, healthy hair and 50% less hair fall.


Beauty Before Dawn™

Renew your daily beauty routine with our nutrient-rich, organic oil-based facial serum. Contains high-quality oils for deep nourishment and intense hydration, without oiliness. Give your skin radiant glow and deep moisture.


Make your beauty routine complete! 

xperience the skincare revolution with Wellness, Beauty & Mind™, an exclusive supplement that renews your beauty from within. It features vegan Hyaluronic Acid to reduce wrinkles and hydrate the skin. Plant-based ceramides boost elasticity and impart a radiant glow to the skin. Additionally, a blend of zinc, selenium, Vitamin C, and Omega-3 from microalgae strengthens the skin, hair, and nails. Wellness, Beauty & Mind™ nurtures beauty and well-being from the inside out.


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The CEO's Message

The CEO's Message

As the CEO and founder of Health Royals, I want to share the reason why I started the company. I have always been careful about what I eat, with a diet dominated by plant-based foods, so I usually needed to supplement my diet with extra protein and multivitamins.

In recent years, my interest has intensified in what my dietary supplements really contain, and it became clear that there was a lack of high-quality options. I couldn’t find a supplement that provides comprehensive support for my well-being and skin with natural ingredients whose effects have been credibly documented through clinical studies.

It struck me that there was a glaring need for products that were not only effective but also attractively packaged, as it’s hard to remember and take your supplements if they are hidden at the back of the cupboard, and tailored for the health-conscious woman who wants to feel younger for longer.

To achieve this goal, I consulted a team of specialists and researchers working in skincare and nutrition. Through our collective work, we have created a range of dietary supplements that meet our high standards in terms of documented effectiveness, sustainable production, and quality, with origins in nature. I am convinced that my background in the pharmaceutical industry and global companies, combined with my interests in diet and exercise and a commitment to sustainability regarding the Earth's resources, has been fundamental in realizing my vision.

Health Royals represents not just a company, but a lifestyle. Our flagship product, Wellness, Beauty & Mind, is a carefully composed blend of premium ingredients, packaged in a sleek design that elevates each moment of use. This product is a daily reminder of the importance of taking care of oneself from the inside out.

My vision for Health Royals is to empower every woman to reach her full potential, by embracing a healthy and joyful lifestyle, strengthened by our carefully designed products.

Ebba von Geijer

Our ingredients are fully traceable. We are proud to introduce our trusted supplier, Robertet from France.

Our ingredients are fully traceable. We are proud to introduce our trusted supplier, Robertet from France.

We are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Robertet, a renowned leader in producing natural ingredients for flavors, fragrances, and health products. With a heritage dating back to the 1850s and headquartered in the prestigious Grasse, renowned as the epicenter of perfumery, Robertet has built a reputation for high quality, innovation, and sustainability. This partnership opens the door to exciting possibilities as we harness their expertise and insights, ensuring that we deliver top-tier products to our valued customers. Together, we embark on a journey that fuses our dedication to well-being with Robertet's time-honored tradition of excellence in natural ingredients.

Hair Beautification in the Spotlight

Hair Beautification in the Spotlight

It is with pride and joy that we announce our exclusive dietary supplement 'Hair Beautification' has been featured among this year's best wish-list gifts in Daisy Beauty magazine.

In their latest issue, tantalizingly titled 'This Year's Best Wish-List Gifts,' our supplement is showcased as one of the seven selected beauty newcomers. Among perfumes, serums, and creams, our exclusive 'Hair Beautification' supplement shines with its unique combination of Keranat, zinc, biotin, and vitamin B6.

Daisy Beauty is no ordinary magazine. Since the site was first developed in 2011, it has grown into the print magazine Daisy Beauty, today standing as Sweden's leading beauty publication. Besides the magazine, Daisy Beauty organizes several events, with their most famous event – the Daisy Beauty Awards – at the forefront.

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Daisy Beauty and Editor-in-Chief Kicki Norman and look forward to sharing more exciting partnerships and presentations of our products in the future.

For us at Health Royals, this is just the beginning, and we are thrilled to share our success and our passion for beauty with you and now with the readers of Daisy Beauty. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news from us.

If you haven't yet discovered our acclaimed 'Hair Beautification' product, perhaps it's time to give your hair the love and care it deserves! To all our customers, partners, and followers – great to have you with us on this wonderful journey.

Together, we create magic in beauty!



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